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Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions

Program Overview

What is the CoolHandle Affiliate Program?

The CoolHandle Hosting Affiliate Program allows you to place links on your website to Coolhandle.com. You can link to web hosting packages, reseller hosting packages, affiliate banners, and more. Earn a commission on all qualifying customer signup revenue generated by links posted on your website to CoolHandle Hosting.

Becoming an Affiliate

Why should I sign up for the CoolHandle Hosting Affiliate Program?

CoolHandle Hosting is one of the fastest growing web hosting companies on the internet. We offer a wide range of products and services to offer to your website vistors. In addition to generating commissions, you can add valuable and compelling content to your site with special promotions.

We have partnered with Comission Junction, the leading Internet provider of innovative technology that helps affiliates sell more products and earn more commissions. Commission Junction provides the technological interface that enables our affiliates to access the CoolHandle affilaite links, track performance and get paid.

How do I sign up?

Click here to access the online application form administered by Commission Junction. Once you complete the Affiliates registration form, you will receive an email regarding your participation in our affiliate program. Your email will contain your username and password. Within three business days, you will receive an email from CoolHandle Hosting regarding the status of your CoolHandle Hosting Affiliate Program application.

What happens next?

Once you have been accepted as an affiliate, you will be able to access your account from www.cj.com using your Commission Junction username and password. From there you can access all of the tools you will need to create links to Coolhandle.com.

If you need to update your affiliate account, select the “Your Account” tab and select “Update Profile” from the left-hand column.

What does it cost to join?

Nothing. It’s free to become an affiliate.


Is my site eligible to become an affiliate?

Any site can fill out an application, and we will accept a wide variety of sites into our program. However, we reserve the right to refuse any site that does not comply with our Terms and Conditions.

Can websites outside the United States join?

Yes, you can join the CoolHandle Hosting Affiliate Program.

If I have more than one site, can I still become an CoolHandle Hosting Affiliate?

Absolutely. Just register each of your sites as sub-affiliates under one affiliate account and receive a single payment for all of your sites.

Linking to CoolHandle Hosting

How do I create CoolHandle Hosting links?

Use your affiliate username and password to log in at www.cj.com. On the Create Links page for CoolHandle Hosting, you will find banners and text links.

How do CoolHandle Hosting links work?

When a vistor to your website clicks on a CoolHandle Hosting Affiliate program link, they will be redirected to the CoolHandle Hosting website. A session cookie will be set with the vistors browser to identify that any sale will be credited to your affiliate account. If the vistors web browser does not support cookies, we additionally use server-side sessions to capture relevant affiliate information.

Earning Commission

Make Money

As an CoolHandle Hosting Affiliate, you can earn commission on all qualifying revenue customer signup revenue generated by links to CoolHandle Hosting on your website and in emails.

How do I know how much money I’ve earned?

You can access information on sales, commissions, visitors, clicks, impressions and conversion rates via the CoolHandle Hosting affiliate section at www.cj.com.

When do I get paid?

You will get a single payment from Commission Junction each month for the commission you’ve earned from the CoolHandle Hosting Affiliate program and any other Commission Junction merchants through which you generate commission.

Apply to join the CoolHandle Hosting Affiliate Program.