Web Hosting by Coolhandle

How We Do it

Team Approach

Once your hosting platform is deployed, you are assigned a dedicated team of service engineers to manage the daily operations of your hosting environment. This team is responsible for delivering Extreme Supportâ„¢ around the clock. You are assigned to a team that has advanced expertise in the Operating System and applications that you are running.

Each team works with only a handful of customers. This allows the team members to become familiar with each customer’s specific system setup. This ensures that issues are quickly identified and solved. Your team is staffed by highly-trained level 2 and 3 systems administrators, software engineers, network engineers, and security engineers. This team approach to service delivery allows us not only to deploy and scale infrastructure quickly, but also to solve customer issues accurately the first time.

Deep Expertise

We have been focused on the management of heavily-trafficked websites for over 8 years. This has allowed us to develop deep expertise in the deployment, maintenance, and scaling of complex websites. We are solely focused on providing managed hosting. Because of this keen focus, we have developed deep expertise in managing and troubleshooting specific managed hosting issues. If you have a question, the chances are that we have answered it many times before. This allows us to quickly and accurately provide you with answers that help keep your hosting platform running at peak performance.

Highly Certified

Collectively, our team of system, network, and security engineers have years of experience and dozens of certifications. Depending on the operating system and applications you are running, your team of service engineers is staffed by RHCEs, Sun certified system administrators, CCNAs, MCSEs, MCPs, and MSDBAs to ensure the highest level of expertise and service. When you request support, whatever the issue, your Extreme Customer Support Team will work with you until we have either resolved the issue or identified a resolution.