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CoolHandle prides itself in customer service quality and dedication to offering the best possible product. You aren’t just a number to us — you’re a long-lasting, on-going relationship. We can cater to all the intricacies of your business by fine-tuning our service to your goals. We want to work with you to make your brand better and your customers happier!

Partner Case Studies

Wordpress Mage

Other hosting companies couldn't support the needs of Mage users, so we offered a custom tuned solution.
Download the full case study
Moniker Domain Services

When Moniker needed a partner to offer web hosting to their customers, we developed a custom API.
Download the full case study
Profit Jackpot
Profit Jackpot

When Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim needed a web hosting partner to offer tuned hosting to their Internet marketing product and customers, they turned to us for a proper setup.
Download the full case study

How will working with CoolHandle benefit me?

  • We’ll cater to you - We’re a boutique hosting company, which means we have the time and resources to adapt to your objectives and satisfy your needs.
  • Full-service, fully-integrated custom development - We are able to provided co-branded marketing materials that will lead to increased conversions, auto-installers, and other full development projects.
  • Increased customer satisfaction - We have provided priority ticket queues, but we also train our support staff the ins-and-outs of your products, services, and software to better assist your customers with their hosting needs.
  • Tuned Hosting - We configure our servers to meet the needs of your software or service, no matter what the software may be. This way, your software will be ready-to-go right out of the box!

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