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CloudFlare CDN

Make your customers happy with ultra-fast website load times, reliable service and high-quality audio, video downloads, and added security.

CloudFlare Hosting

We have partnered with CloudFlare for our content delivery network service. We understand the value that a complete end-to-end solution delivers to our customers. With our fully integrated workflow we are now able to bring a higher level of performance, custom-designed usability, and better experience for our customers, saving them time and money.

  • CloudFlare in 90 seconds: Running a website includes all sorts of hassles like making sure your site loads quickly and that it is protected against spammers. CloudFlare makes running a website easier by taking care of it for you.
  • Stats and reports: You have good tools to examine human traffic coming to your site, but no insight into search engine crawlers and bots. With CloudFlare, now you do. You get an Analytics report with information that you didn’t have before.
  • Threat control dashboard: CloudFlare protects your site from online threats like spammers and hackers. The threat control dashboard shows you the threats that have been stopped from accessing your site. You can also easily block IP addresses and countries.
  • Always online: As a website owner, you want your site available for your visitors. Sometimes things happen and your server goes down. CloudFlare’s “Always Online” feature keeps your site online, even if your server goes offline.

For more information about CloudFlare, please click here.

Enhance user experience

  • Super-Fast Load Times: Faster load times mean less time spent waiting for content; loads about 30% faster!
  • Distributed Content: Distributed content eliminates the impact of heavy traffic or outages in a single area, increasing your Web site availability.
  • Optimized for rich-media: Super-fast data transmission makes images, audio, and video files play more smoothly as they download.


A company’s online content is some of the most important information available to attract customers as well as partners. The ability to deliver this content quickly and efficiently is vital to growing any business with an online presence. Our Content Delivery Network solution helps expand a company’s global reach, ensuring that customers visiting our web sites experience faster page download times for content of all types. CDN service helps create a better customer experience for your visitors, helping the overall “stickiness” of the site, ultimately leading to a larger bottom line.


CloudFlare Features

Globally-distributed network
Secure, redundant DNS
Anycast routing technology
Automatic static content caching
Always online

Basic Security

Email harvesting protection
Reputation-based threat protection
Server side exclude ability
Hotlinking protection
Browser integrity checks
Threat control dashboard
Block traffic by country or IP range
Alert infected human visitors
Identify new threats for community


Easy DNS management
Threat challenge page
Offline browsing page


Stats for all traffic

(threats, search engine crawlers and visitors)
Updated every 24 hours
Outbound Link Tracking
Visitor IP Geolocation lookup

We offer a powerful and reliable means for quickly and successfully moving your content at a global level. With our content delivery network, you can distribute content and digital media over our vast, high-performance network. One of the many benefits of the content delivery network (“CDN”) is it accelerates your content delivery, giving your customers the high level of service they expect.

The content delivery network is a group of servers strategically deployed in multiple data centers, including North America, South America, and Europe. Together, the servers determine the fastest route to speed your data to end-users.

* All CoolHandle services that include CPanel control panel will support CloudFlare.