Web Hosting by Coolhandle

CloudLinux Hosting

CloudLinux is a supercharged version of the operating system CentOS, designed to specifically meet the growing demands of webmasters. With its unheralded ability to isolate and control resource spikes, CloudLinux provides superior site availability. CloudLinux comes pre-configured on each of our Web Hosting accounts.

  • Isolation: All tenants on the server are isolated from each other so if one goes down everyone else is still safe and stable.
  • Resource Limits: CloudLinux utilizes a kernel level technology to set resource limits per account. This ensures a account can never use more than the resources given to them. – No more “bad-neighbor” problems that plague other hosting companies
  • Security Isolation: CloudLinux isolate any threats onto their specific account. If another account is compromised, no other accounts on the server are effected..

For more information about CloudLinux, please click here.