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Domain Name FAQs

  • 1. Who owns the domain names I register through your company?
    The owner of the domain name is the Organization Contact listed by the registrant at the time the user name and password are created on our system. If there is no Organization name, the name of the individual listed as the Organization contact is the owner.

  • 2. Once I’ve registered my domain name, how do I get it to work with my web site?
    If you currently have a web site you will need to make arrangements with your service provider to host the DNS and set up their servers to handle your new domain. To change your domain name DNS information (names of your Internet Service Provider’s server(s) to point your domain name to) login into the client area

  • 3. Do I have to sign any other service contract in order to take advantage of domain name registration pricing and the free services offered with domain name registrations?
    No. We do not require you to sign any other service contract in order to take advantage of domain name pricing. As part of registering a domain name, as with other world wide domain name registrars (such as register.com and networksolutions.com), you are required to agree to a domain name registration terms of service agreement but the agreement does not bind you to any other service contract.

  • 4. What type of domain name registrations do you offer?
    Currently we offer .ca, .cc, .com, .info, .net, .org, .uk and .tv domain name registrations. We will expand our domain name offerings as new domain name designations are released by the central domain name registration authority.

  • 5. What is a .ca domain name?
    A .ca domain name is a globally recognized domain name specifically identified as Canadian.

  • 6. Who can register a .ca domain name?
    Any resident of Canada. All earlier restrictions and requirements for .ca qualification have been removed.

  • 7. Are Canadian Provincial domain name designations still available? (ie.: .bc.ca, .on.ca etc.)
    Yes, but if the some domain name has already been registered as a .ca it will not be available for registration under a provincial designation.

  • 8. How long do .ca registrations take?
    .ca registration applications are immediate using the our domain registration service.

  • 9. Is there an annual fee for .ca registrations?
    The only fee is the domain registration fee that is charged each year.

  • 10. What is a .uk domain name?
    A .uk domain name is a globally recognized domain name specifically identified as originating in the United Kingdom. The extensions .co.uk and .org.uk are available for general use.

  • 11. Who can register a .uk domain name?
    Almost anyone, a. .uk domain name registration is not restricted, but the UK registry reserves the right to deny registrations if the domain does not meet the rules laid down by the UK registry.

  • 12. What is a .tv domain name?
    .tv is the Top Level Domain (TLD) for the country of Tuvalu, a small Pacific Island. Through an agreement with the country of Tuvalu, the California company dotTV became the exclusive registry for .tv domain names.

  • 13. Who can register a .tv domain name?
    .tv names are available to anyone for general use.

  • 14. What is a .cc domain name?
    The .cc domain is the Top Level Domain (TLD) for Cocos (Keeling Islands), which has also come to represent “Chinese Corporation” and “Country Club,” etc.

  • 15. Who can register a .cc domain name.

  • 16. Are domain name registered through your company real Internet domain names?
    Yes, there is only one world domain name registry for .com, .org, .net domain names. Recently the registry has authorized many registrars. Domain names registered are authentic Internet domain names.

  • 17. How do I change the contact information of the domain name I registered with you?
    To do this, please log into the client area and click on the domain names tab.

  • 18. Can I transfer my domain name to take advantage of low cost domain name registration renewal fees and other services you offer to domain name registrants?
    Yes, this is called a “domain name registrar transfer”. In order to do this we need to bill you for a one year registration. This allows you to transfer your domain names over to us as the registrar (you remain the owner of the domain name) and adds a 1 year registration extension on to your domain name registration (ie. if you move a domain name over that is 6 months away from renewal, after you pay us the 1 year renewal fee and are transferred to us, you won’t have to renew your registration for 1 year and 6 months).

  • 19. Can I register a domain name without having a web site?
    Yes, you can. If you choose, you can add a web hosting package to your domain at a later time.

  • 20. What is domain name service (DNS)?
    DNS is the Internet service that enables web sites to use www domain names as web site addresses and routes Internet users and email messages to the right places.