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Domain Privacy

Protect your online Identity and Domain Information

As an added bonus, every domain and hosting account receives Domain Privacy for free; forever. You will never have to pay for Domain Privacy for as long as you have a domain with CoolHandle.

Did you know that your name, email, and phone number are made publically available within the WhoIs database when you register any domain name? Any spammers, solicitors and other prying eyes can find your personal information online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Here’s how you are protected:

  • Item 1: Your domain registration information, including the Administrative, Billing and Technical contacts are masked with generic information within public WHOIS databases. You still retain full ownership and control of your domain name.
  • Item 2: Requests to view your domain’s contact information are filtered and forwarded to you.
  • Item 3: You decide whether to respond.

Dynamic data management system stops spammers dead in their tracks.

Without ID Protect, spammers can obtain your email and contact information and then use it for spamming purposes and redistribution to marketing firms. Your email address can stay on file with various spammers and marketing firms for years. Check out the difference between an unprotected and protected domain registration.

Domain Privacy helps to protect you from:

  • Unwanted Spam
  • Identity Theft
  • Various types Fraud
  • Stalkers
  • Unintended identity disclosure

Note: Free domain privacy only available for domain names purchased from us. The Domain Privacy tool is free for as long as you have a domain name managed by us.

Domain Privacy

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